Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Idol Chatter

My brain is brimming with things to blog about, but I had to interrupt my regularly scheduled posting to discuss tonight's American Idol. If you don't watch it, I am so sorry, but I really can't help myself. And where else can you indulge your whims than in your own blog.

1) Ramiwhatever was awful, just awful. She is sweet and petite, but let's face it, she has no personality.

2) Syesha bugs me. Yes, that much. No votes here.

3) Dreadlocks was one of my favs until tonight. He is either cocky or overconfident or stupid. Maybe all three. He should have never ever said "I could have practiced more." And shrugged his shoulders when asked if he really wanted this. Tisk tisk. You shouldn't take a fickle audience for granted...especially kids that would love to be in your shoes right now. Of course I voted for him not only once but twice. Hypocrite. I know.

4) Chikezee. Did Luther Vandross rise from the dead? Because, seriously, he channeled himself through Chikezee. I voted for him once.

5) Brooke is the next Carly Simon. Love her. I voted for her twice.

6) The Aussie guy. Did you hear what I just said? The Aussie guy. Isn't this American Idol? I think I voted for him. I was just pushing buttons. Lots of 'em. But not 911. No. That would have been bad.

(7) The Irish girl. Did you hear what I just said? The Irish girl. Again, isn't this American Idol? She bugs me way more than Syesha. And not only that, she sang THE one song I hate most in this world. Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Blech. Worst song ever written. She and the song are like finger nails going down a chalkboard. Dontcha think she looked a little deer in the headlightish tonight when they panned her? Well, Simon and Randy panned her. Paula didn't. But Paula doesn't count.

(8) Kristy. Kristy who? Do you remember her? Oh yeah, she's the one that turned a Beatles song into a two steppin' country diddy two weeks ago. Scarey. Tonight she was actually good. But she is still, kind-of-sort-of-well-you-know, boring.

(9) David Archuleta. Someone please tell me what song he sang. I have no idea what that was. Never heard of it. And it wasn't very good. But, I still voted for him. Twice.

(10) David Cook. Who knew Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" could be turned into a rock song. From the beginning I thought he was smug and didn't like him. Well, I still think he is smug, but I hate to admit this, he is probably now one of my favorites. He will either win this thing or get voted out early and end up more successful than the eventual winner. Worked out rather well for another Idol contestant with a little ole band named Daughtry. Who won that year anyway? I voted for him (David) not only twice, but three times. Bob is cringing. He can't stand him.

(11) Paula. Paula. Paula. Did Paula forget to change her black rubber gloves after cleaning the kitchen? Do you think they were they burned out at the fingertips by excessive clorox use? Wait a minute. Excessive. Clorox. Use. Excessive clorox use! That might explain a couple of things if you know what I mean. *Wink.*Wink.* Let's not even discuss how those gloves looked when she did her seal clap. In my best Simon accent, "They were "ghastly"!

Now in your best Brit accent or your best "yo dawg," tell me what you think about the contestants. No Paulas allowed. Unless of course that is your real name. Then you are most welcome, because you are the reason I am up past midnight writing this meaningless drivel.

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Ron said...

I don't watch American Idol, but I am totally with you on "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Fingernails on chalkboard doesn't even come close to explaining my reaction to that song! I always thought it would have been a better Meatloaf song (it was written by the same songwriter that wrote "Bat Out Of Hell" for Meatloaf). I remember playing it once (by request) at Mudhouse. Total party killer.

LuLu said...

David was phenomonal. Kimberley's Archituti as we say it in our house was a disgrace. This season they are singing the most boring songs

Evi said...

to be totally honest I am still in mourning over Amanda Overmyers departure...but I think I will definitely be on the 'David vs. David' battle from now on.
I'm with would sure be more bearable this season with better song choices.

Sniz said...

Girl, I don't watch American Idol. I like to tell myself it's because if something's popular, I automatically distrust it. That makes me feel good. And wise. Like I'm totally above the real world and am especially spiritual. But in reality, it doesn' evidenced by the fact that I'm a huge Office fan.

Hey girl, we should totally try to get together this summer...I wonder how far we are from each other by car. I live in Indianapolis. :-) Spring IS coming!

Sissy said...

I liked Carly, and was upset about the judges' comments. I am with you though on David Archuwhatever and Ramiele. What was that song he sang? Snooze.

David Cook is one of my favorites! I liked him this week and loved him last week.

Didn't vote though, don't usually vote until the end.

Heather said...

I love you. Seriously, there were parts in your post that made me stand up and cheer.

I have to say that there's something that really bugs me about David Archuletta. I realize that's very Simon of me, but he always looks like he's flaring his nostrils. I dunno, he's just a little TOO sweet.

The Australian guy reminds me of the INXS singer. He's okay, but not Idol material.

The Irish girl is good and I really liked the Laura Brannigan song, but I don't think the judges like her at all.

LOVE BROOKE. Love her love her love her. I don't think she'll win it though. I do think she'll get a recording contract and I'll buy her album.

I'm glad Chickezie is gone. He struck me as overconfident.

Syesha bugs me too.

Dreadlocks had killer eyes, but...yeah...what was up with "I could've practiced more"? He's asking to be voted off. His reaction made me mad because there are others in the top 10 that would cut off their arm to win this.

Ramielle doesn't want to be there anymore either. She needs to go. Now.

Kristy has GOT to be who that website Vote For The Worst has set their sights on this season. She's sweet and I'm sure she misses her horse, but buh bye.

I love David Cook and will also buy his album. I think he'll be super duper famous.

And Paul needs help. That's all I have to say about that. Wait, no it's not. I think Simon and I simultaneously roll our eyes when she changes subjects for the fifth time in a sentence. Is she no longer capable of completing a thought? Poor thing.

Debbie said...

Heather, you made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! That my friends is why I LOVE HER BLOG....(Go read Mindless Junque. And I do agree with everything you said Brook won't win. But I love her. Archuleta is talented, but I don't think he can sell records. David Cook WILL sell records and you are so right about about Dreadlocks boy. The Aussie is totally a front man. He's got the look, the stage presence etc., but does he really have that good of a voice? It's hard to tell. I felt bad for Chickezee, but he wasn't going to win so it was a matter of time before he was kicked off. Thanks for playing along!

Zach and Julie Anderson said...

LOL... Debbie, I downloaded both this week's episode and results. I am watching them as I am typing this. Ha ha. I am a HUGE fan, yes thisis my guilty pleasure. And I LOVE David Cook. He is so great. He seems like Chris Daughtry to me... the only one who really changes the songs and make them his. He is also not someone who already has won other talent shows or done things like the rest of the group... I go to vote for the worst and read all the stuff there, and it amuses me. Makes most people made though. Ha ha... And I like Brooke...and think the Aussie does look like Michael from INXS...and really cute! Don't tell my husband I said that...ha ha

Zach and Julie Anderson said...

Okay I just finished watching it and had to blog again (side note, the Sundays are playing again, so I opened another tab, just so I could hear it while I am blogging... ha ha)

David Cook was AMAZING. I was blown away, he is so original...and really makes this show worth watching now. I am amazed and really hope he DOES NOT win, so he isn't bound by the AI contract and can be independent like Daughtry. Man, I thought he was so good.

Can I ask why Bob dislikes him so much and who he likes? :)

Debbie said...

Hi Julie, Bob hasn't really been watching the show that much, but when he does it coincidentally is when David Cook is performing. When I rave about him, he says he doesn't think he is as good as Daughtry. I thought what David did with that Lionel Richie song and with Billie Jean was awesome. So entertaining. I'm kind of with you on the whole AI contract thing. He may secretly be wishing the same thing...he is doing enough to get noticed like Daughtry did...and will be able to break out on his own.

RJN said...

So . . . I'm not so big on David Cook because his smirk and gazes into the camera just bug me. So not a musically oriented answer
:-). Although I REALLY didn't like Amanda Overmyer - just lots of yelling.

The contestants all seem like good enough singers, but none that I think I would pay money for. Debbie and I have been watching the past few years and the only person that really stood out for me was Daughtry and we did in fact buy the album. OK I am showing my age - I just called it an album.

For me, Idol is the perfect Tivo show - you can watch snippets of the singers and fast forward to the "answer" on voting night. Of course this is not how Debbie likes to watch it. I am blessed she puts up with me :-)

Jennifer P. said...

I love Brook too. She's a bit chatty during her critiques, but since I tend to say everything going through my head too--I can't judge her too much! I think she sounds like Karli Simon too, but kind of mixed with Norah Jones--a voice I could listen to for a long time. Hope she ends up signing a jazz contract.

I like the Irish girl, but I don't like to watch her sing. Her teeth are a little vampire-ish, and I'm not too keen on the tattos.

Love both David's and think they'll both be great successes. And I just want to hug the Australian guy. He's a tad forgettable, unless you look at him ;)!

I've been such a lazy blogger lately, I kind of missed out on the conversation--but, oh well :)!

LOVE your bracelet!

EEEEMommy said...

I think Carly is a phenomenal singer, but she is SO robotic! She is a horrible performer and never connects with the audience. She's too focused on singing perfectly. I don't like watching her.

I hated David A.'s song, and as much as I liked him at the beginning, I'm worried now that he's going to win just because of his fan base and not because he's the best. I don't think he's the best.

I think David Cook is the coolest! If anyone can make me enjoy a Michael Jackson song, well they deserve major props.

Brooke is my most favorite, and I think Michael John's is cool too!

The non-American part doesn't bother me as much. It's been happening in the Olympics for years (Romanian gymnasts, Russian ice skaters, moving to US...). We're still a melting pot.

You made me laugh with your gloves commentary. Did you also notice that her left sleeve was torn and like half as long as the right. Weird! You'd think with all her money she'd be able to afford gloves with fingers and sleeves that are symetrical and not torn.