Monday, February 4, 2008

now that was a SUPER Bowl

After the Redskins and Colts lost in the playoffs, I quickly jumped on the Giants bandwagon and didn't get off of it. I was rooting for Eli Manning to win this game and win the MVP. And he did. It was riveting football and oh so satisfying to see Bill Bellicheat lose. I don't like that guy. I am just hoping that the Giants Defensive Coordinator does not come to the Redskins. It will ruin his career...Dan Snyder is the worst and this team has imploded in the last month. My advice: stay where you are and ride that train as long as you can. You don't want to come here other than to play AGAINST the Redskins.

Other observations:

I have never really been a Tom Petty fan, but his music takes me back to college always making me a tad nostalgic. Nonetheless, I have to say, for a bunch of old guys, they were spectacular last night. Wow. They sounded great.

Paula Abdul on the pre-game show, ugh, I am so embarrassed for her...need I say more...

Jordin Sparks is a teenager and gave me goose bumps singing the National Anthem. She is amazing.

The commercials weren't that great, but I loved the etrade commercials with the baby, the Life Water lizards dancing to Thriller, and Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade made me laugh out loud...On the other hand, Danica Patrick should be ashamed. Isn't she always wanting respect as a woman race car driver? My advice: keep your clothes on, stay out of trashy ads, and just drive fast.

Well, another football season comes to a close..there is nothing like Saturday/Sunday afternoon football, and I already miss hoo...


Courtney said...

great synopsis!!! are you feeling better??

Tracey said...

I second that comment about Danica, she should be ashamed.

And I feel the same way about Tom Petty!

Thank goodness for race fans the season starts soon so we don't have to go through football let down without something to entertain us.