Friday, January 4, 2008

want some kool-aid?

I have been drinking a whole bunch of Washington Redskins kool-aid for the last few weeks. This is an important development in my football fandom because I have lived in the Washington area for over 30 years and have hated the Redskins most of that time. Why? Well, I moved here from San Antonio, Texas where the only game in town was the Dallas Cowboys...we were huge Cowboy fans...and of course, it was during the Tom Landry era. Then when we moved here the Redskins/Cowboys were bitter rivals, and I hated them even more especially because I couldn't stand Joe Theisman...I rooted against the Redskins in every Super Bowl they played in. As years went on and Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer (both of which are the anti-Landry) took over separate coaching duties for the Cowboys, I started to hate Dallas, because, as my friend Ron from college said recently, there aren't two more hated coaches by Penn State fans than those guys...(oh, it goes back to big time Miami, Oklahoma and PSU football rivalries that run deep with us still living in the PSU football glory past.) These days I pull for the Colts, well, actually, I pull for whoever I have selected in my football pool that week. This year, however, I am on the Redskins bandwagon, predicting a run to the Super Bowl...It has been awesome watching an old QB and an alleged washed up RB in Clinton Portis get them there...I love Jason Campbell, but let's be honest, we wouldn't have gotten where we are today with him...Notice I said "we"...ha....that kool-aid is tasty...I can't get Bob to drink any with me...he hates the do you care to join me for a big ole glass on the rocks?