Thursday, December 27, 2007

what a day

First of all, you know your day is going to be bad when you boot up your computer in the morning and the wireless internet connection we have says it is "in use or not configured properly"...huh? it was working just fine last night...those PC gremlins are at it my laptop is at "Bob's help desk"...Thank goodness he knows enough to keep us online...if it were up to me, I would still be using a computer requiring those big ole 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and a dial up modem via a rotary phone. Right now I am using a spare laptop that has a much smaller screen...yeah I basically need a magnifying glass to read anything...or is that what those small glasses at Walgreens are for?

Today is my Mom's birthday so the kids and I took her to lunch and to the mall near her house to exchange her Christmas present from my Dad. In getting ready to go, Lindsey decided this morning to go all trendy designer on me and stylize her jeans...yup, took the scissors to them making a big hole in the knee like those kids she sees on Disney...(don't tell her you know about this)...not a happy more Hannah Montana for awhile and she has to wear all the pants she owns until they are capris. Lest sissy not be outdone in the let's-make-Mom-crazy-today, Kyle decided he wanted to take his cool new Yo Yo ball to the mall...I, of course, knew what was going to happen and it did...lost it...probably in the rubber ducky bowl at Bath and Body Works, Fair Oaks Mall...He cried uncontrollably out of sadness and embarassment and insisted we go look for it...we couldn't find it. I felt bad for him and responsible for not insisting that he leave it at home. So I did what any guilt ridden mother would do, went on a mission to find another one. We headed to Dick's sporting goods where we bought it before Christmas...of course it was out of stock...then I remembered seeing it at Bed Bath and Beyond one day. (Funny how the Lord highlighted that to me several weeks ago amongst the 85 gazillion things in that store...He knew then I would need that tidbit)..We quickly ran to the BBB that was nearby and found one of the last ones. Alas, the day was saved...Kyle hugged that thing like it was a long lost friend...lots of lessons learned in this house today...and the kids were in bed EARLY as a result...part of their punishment, totally my reward...