Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas memories

The most vivid memories of Christmases past are usually not of gifts given or received, but of the spirit of love, the special warmth of Christmas worship, the cherished little habits of the home.

Lois Rand

That pretty much sums up why I had the post-holiday blahs...As stressful as it sometimes gets, I love all the things we do together as a family during this most joyous time of year. From listening to Christmas music every day since after Thanksgiving (well, maybe before), to going on our Christmas Tree cutting excursion, to decorating the house, the tree, ginger bread houses and cookies, to having Lindsey read us the entire nativity passage in the book of Matthew to us last week (yes, out of the NIV!), to attending our wonderful candlelight service at RBC and then having our annual birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve, to sending Christmas cards and hearing from so many friends and family that we haven't heard from since last year, to having my parents stay over and spend Christmas Day with us, I think I had a deeper appreciation for it all and have felt a bigger let down this year because I was flat on my back for that week in early December unable to do anything. After feeling better and missing out on so much, I was ready to savor it all, and I did. However, my post Christmas blahs have been short lived, and I am ready to pack it all up until next year... You know what that means....I can't wait to start my next house the powder room! Hear that groan? It was Bob...