Wednesday, October 10, 2007's from the heart not just words

"God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them."

Prayer is a funny thing. I grew up in a "religion" that requires rote prayers that I thought were only to be said on this day I can still recite them as can Bob. But if you ask me what words I am speaking, I can't tell you...They have always just been words...and I never really knew what those words meant exactly. It's like the "Pledge of Allegiance"... The words tumble out of my mouth without me thinking about it. When I became a believer 20 or so years ago, I began to understand what prayer really was...just a conversation between me and the Lord at any time of the day about any subject that was on my heart. There is no right or wrong way to pray...I have what my Mom calls "shooting prayers" that I send up at any given moment, anytime, anywhere and with kids that is quite a bit....I have what my Mom calls "soaking prayers" which are prayers that are prayed for long term requests such as salvation issues for friends, family and my kids....and I have "daily requests" that are specific to situations, problems, needs that I am facing everyday. Prayer is worship without music, really. You are acknowleding to our Heavenly Father, that you cannot rely on your self. SELF !....get yourSELF out of HIS way! He is the only one that can "work it out." When we try to do it by ourSELVES, we usually mess up everything. Prayer is glorifying Him and His sovereignty.... So in your prayer time, don't worry about where or when, just sit down and have a chat...pour out your heart...I often cry when I pray...Lindsey thinks I'm sad...but it is too hard to explain to her at her age that it is the Holy Spirit that wells up inside me as I come before the Lord in prayer time...those prayers are the ones that leave me at such peace knowing my life and concerns are so important to Him. He knows what's in our hearts long before we even if you don't know how/what you want to pray for, just come before Him and tell Him that...even when we don't have the words, He does...isn't that so comforting?