Monday, September 17, 2007

everybody's happy

Here's why:

Bob and his foursome came in first place in the golf tournament he played in yesterday. There were more than thirty teams...not bad for some "old" guys...the team that came in second were the young guys...they were bitter (ha)...but they came in first last year...and Bob and his same foursome came in second to them. Quote of the day said to Bob (who consistently has a monster drive), "I just hit my best drive ever on this hole, and you (Bob) just outdrove me by a hundred yards." It's all in the swing, baby...So he is happy.

In Friday's post, I said I was going shopping for furniture, well, I did. I specifically went to buy two nightstands for our bedroom that I had been eyeing for a year...they were marked down $100, then I got another 10% off...woo I am happy.

While Bob was golfing and I was giving the fridge a good cleaning, the kids played with the box that one of the nightstands came in and created a club house. They made and hung self-portraits, moved in books, snacks and webkinz and even placed two red mailboxes outside...with letters to each other in them of course. So they are happy, too....

Alls well that ends well...Ciao for now....


Anonymous said...

I love the children's play house. So creative. It gave me a big smile as did Bob's golf win.

Love ya,