Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My baby is 5 years old!

On Sunday, July 29, 2007 we celebrated Kyle's 5th birthday! Where has the time gone?We had a small celebration with my parents and Bob's Dad who flew up from big party...just the way we all like it! Tonight, I have been going through old pics of him on each of his birthday's, and it has made me a little sad. Don't get me wrong...we are in a good place right now...babydom is not for me...I like having a 7yr old and a 5 yr old...I don't need a million acoutrements everytime I leave the house! But isn't it amazing that it seems like an eternity while you are going through the phases of parenting from newborn to toddler to pre-school etc...but then you go through old pictures and you realize how fast it really went. Too fast in some respects. Nontheless, the easiest thing about Kyle was the pregnancy and delivery...the rest has been, shall we say, a challenge...he is a stinker, but as Bob says, he is OUR stinker...yes, he is...i still love to nibble on those "kiss pads" he has for cheeks...when those disappear I am really going to cry...

The day Kyle was born - July 29, 2002!

Eating cake on his first birthdy in July 2003.

"Reading" on the couch just before his 2nd birthday in July 2004.

Eating cake on his 3rd birthday in July 2005.

Eating more cake on his 4th birthday in July 2006.

Here is Kyle on his 5th birthday this past Sunday, in his jammies, after he opened his new Webkin, the black and white cat that he named Cassie. (more about Webkinz another time) He had a Thomas the Tank balloon, tablecloth, plates, cups, pinata, that he requested and picked out himself. In addition, he had his Grampy, Grandma, Papa, Sister, Mom and Dad, and a big triple chocolate cake. He was over the moon happy! And, I didn't have to have a kid party so I am over the moon happy, too. We love you buddy!