Monday, June 4, 2007

i'm grumpy

why, you ask? because i started this morning with a gallon of paint ready to paint my kitchen... i put one whole coat on, started the second, and a quarter of the way through decided I didn't like it... went to Benjamin Moore picked up a different color and now i don't like that one either...i am now online using the color viewer trying to figure out which color i should go for mistake this time was not getting samples and testing the color...which is something I ALWAYS do...i just went for it...two gallons and sixty bucks later, I am back to where I kitchen is completely can barely get to the fridge because, yes, i pulled it out...have you looked behind your fridge recently? it's scarey...there were alot of dust bunnies living now i'm tired, grumpy, frustrated...and ready to pack it in for the night...