Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom, did you have to say that?

Well, I had my first, "Mom, you are so uncool moment." I thought it would be another few years before that happened, but it happened this week. Lindsey and I were walking home from school behind a gaggle of girls in the uppper grades. One of them had what I thought was a stuffed animal in her arms. I didn't focus too much on it until she stopped to put it on the ground, and it turned out to be a DOG she was holding! It startled me, and I said to her "Oh, I thought you had a stuffed animal in your arms not a dog!" Lindsey, who was walking next to me, said in a very quiet voice, "Mom, did you have to say that?" I was floored. I asked her if it wasn't cool, and she said "not really." Wow! When exactly does all this happen?

Apparently, putting a tiny baseball helmet on your head isn't considered uncool ;)....

Somebody, please send me the "cool" handbook. Evidently, I lost it when I became a parent.