Sunday, April 8, 2007

Would you take the nails from His Hands?

"Would you take the place of this man, Would you take the nails from His hands?" is a phrase from the chorus of a song titled "This Man" by Jeremy Camp who is a fabulous Christian rock singer. The first time I heard the song, I wept. I mean blinding tears streaming down my face weeping. Think about it, He was nailed to a cross...nails through flesh...for us...because of OUR sin. God didn't ask us to physically die on a cross so that we would be saved...Jesus did it for us... All we have to do is accept Him into our hearts so that we will have that eternal life in heaven... and He is the only way to heaven.... "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. That is exactly what He did for us. Would we do the same for Him? The magnitude of that is overwelming and makes Easter all that more precious to me, because really, "would I take the place of this man?" He didn't think twice. He did as He was called to do by our Heavenly Father. He laid down His life so that I would be spared a life of darkness separated from Him when I die. It is truly humbling to know that I am loved that much.

Lindsey accepted Christ as her Savior when she was about 4 and has a very keen understanding of what it means in her life. It is not anything Bob and I have done because we cannot take credit for what God has planned in her life. Sure, we are bringing her up in a Christ-centered home, but it is truly something God has placed in her heart at a very young age. It has been a joy to watch her faith blossom. Last night as we were reading the kids some passages from the Bible about Easter, Lindsey, who understands the spiritual side of the crucifixion and the resurrection, has never really comprehended the physical side of the crucifixion. I don't think she ever really thought about the nails in His hands and wrists until last night. She was completely awestruck....and wanted to know more of the details about the blood etc. When she finally realized the magnitude of the physical sacrifice Jesus made for HER, all she said to us was, "Mommy, Daddy, when I get to Heaven, I feel like I just want to go hug Jesus." She was so saddened by what He withstood, that all she could think was that she wanted to comfort HIM. We know He doesn't need our comfort, but I am sure our Heavenly Father couldn't help but smile at the tenderness of one of his littlest believers.

Today isn't about bunnies, eggs, and is about Jesus. He is Risen! Amen. Have a blessed day.


Courtney said...

thanks for the very inspiring post, debbie! i am blessed to know you...and your family. it is a joy to watch you all!