Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring Break Day 4 & 5: Grandma's House Part 1

Hear that silence? It is me in the house all by myself. The kids have been at my parents house since yesterday afternoon. They went to Grandma and Papa's for a sleepover so that Bob and I could attend our church's fabulous Easter production without worrying about childcare. As a result, I got to paint yesterday afternoon without "help" and go on a date with Bob. I called this morning and neither Kyle nor Lindsey wanted anything to do with me...they are playing the piano, playing Bingo, coloring Easter eggs, playing musical instruments, eating ice-cream and all the other indulgent things you do when you go to Grandma's. That means they will be grumpy after I pick them up...oh joy..

FYI, thanks to TIVO we were able to watch a long awaited new episode of "The Office" last was one of the best episodes ever...pure genius...


Courtney said...

sounds heavenly! did you like conversations? we went tuesday night. said...

Dear Deb,

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful little family. I know the granparents must have had a ball with your little ones. being a grandparent is just awesome so many rewards.
Love........Trudy Winkler