Friday, March 16, 2007

random tidbits

Does anyone else besides me think it is weird to use "today's high will be 75 and expect accumulating snow this weekend" in the same breath? Yes, my friends, that was on the forecast yesterday.

Bob's brother Stephen, Mr. Hollywood as I like to call him, is in Baltimore for a conference. Background on him: He is a PE teacher for a private school in Los Angeles...a school whose students are the children of many famous/very wealthy people...and yes, he's got not easily star struck and is tough on the kids no matter who the parents are...oh, and he is on a first name basis with Al Pacino...but I digress...So he comes out to Baltimore for his conference, finishes it up, and goes to the ESPN zone with some people from the conference for a beer and to watch basketball. Lo and behold, Mr. Hollywood is asked by a Channel 2 Baltimore newsreporter to be interviewed about Maryland basketball! Let's see, he coached at Long Beach State, attended St. John's, Bob, his own brother, went to Duke (Maryland's nemesis), and his wife went to USC, I don't think he wants to talk about the excitement of the Maryland Terps. But this is the kind of stuff that happens to Uncle Stephen...did I tell you he met Nomar Garciaparra and hung out with him one weekend??? Why can't I meet and hang out with the cast of "The Office?" These things never happen to me!

Sadly, Duke is out of the tournament...I am sure most of you aren't feeling as sad about that as we are. Even Bob said they stink this year.

Kyle was singing to the song "Why can't we be friends, Why can't we be friends" only it was coming out "why can't weenie be friends, why can't weenie be friends"

Took the kids to the dentist yesterday and forgot to bring the camera...well, duh, my cell phone has a camera, and I forgot about it! Wanted to get pictures of them spitting into Mr. Thirsty!

Go Georgetown! Go Gators! I love March Madness...


Cathy said...

I second your comment on "The Office"!!

Am catching up with your family happenings on this, "the ultimate scrapbook"!!

Keep up the great work!


Debbie said...

Hey Cathy,

Glad to hear from you and glad to know someone is actually reading this! I love "The Office" and you can bet I will be blogging about it in the near future...What will happen with Jim and Pam???
Take care!