Saturday, March 31, 2007

the perfect family day

We had what I call the perfect family day...Bob woke up at o'dark hundred to play golf...gotta maintain that 4 handicap somehow...the kids slept til 8:00 which is unusual for Kyle, typical for Lindsey, and awesome for Mommy! We hung out all morning, got paint for our playroom project, had the perfect salad and diet coke at Chick-fil-A...came home and played outside for three hours...scooters, swings, slide, sand box, bikes, rocket stomper, and of course, chalk and for showers (all of us). Bob made dinner while Lindsey and I watched the first part of the Georgetown game (yes, he cooks on the weekends)...everyone is tired, bathed and ready for bed. Another glass of wine for Bob and I, and a little basketball to top off the perfect family day!

Here is a picture of Kyle "helping" Daddy spread fertilizer today after the first cut of the season and a post dinner pic of the kids climbing on Daddy's lap after dinner:


Courtney said...

you have GOT to frame that picture - it's so cute!