Monday, March 26, 2007


Mondays are so cruel. This morning Lindsey was weepy getting ready for school because she had one of those indulgent-forget-about-the-weekday kind of weekends...Ice Skating Friday night, sleepover with Grandma and Papa on Saturday, brunch at Friendly's, housewarming party with some new neighbors, then soccer and basketball practice with Daddy and Kyle at dusk on Sunday... She wanted that to continue into Monday. I know how she feels...Mondays are a harsh reality...We come together over the weekend and have great fun. Then Monday comes along and ruins it. The weekend was great for Bob and I, too. We finally celebrated our nine year anniversary which was in January! We went on a real date to a real restaurant that didn't involve kids menus and crayons! Woo hoo! I even stayed awake to watch a movie (Devil Wears Prada...mostly clean, funny, two stars for predicatiblity)...It sure is different in the house when the kids are toys on the floor, or stray crayons on the counter, or boxes in the fridge, nothing but a palpable silence ...kind of weird actually when the rhythm of your life pauses. Then before you know it, the respite ends, the noise is back in drum beat fashion...and you realize how much you missed those little people that make you savor the weekend and despise Monday.