Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Mommy, you lost me."

I just had the most harrowing experience a mother could ever have. Kyle and I walked up to school pick up Lindsey. After we got her, I stopped for a second to talk to her teacher thinking that both Kyle and Lindsey were right behind me. They NEVER ever stray from me, and I usually hold Kyle's hand so that I can keep an eye on him just in case. This time I didn't. When I realized he wasn't holding onto my leg, I turned around, and he was gone. No where to be found. I started yelling his name, and by that time other mother's were looking for him including the principal and the librarian amidst a sea of hundreds of kids. I just kept running and yelling his name. Finally, I saw one of my neighbors holding his hand walking back towards the school with him. He was fairly composed but had tears. Evidently, he thought I had left him and contined to walk a good 100 yards from me until my neighbor saw him without me. The first thing he said through his tears was "Mommy, you lost me." Indeed, I did. It was very frightening as I have never had an experience like that before. I've since stopped shaking, and he is enjoying a snack and a little TV before we go out to enjoy this glorious weather we are having...Thankfully God's mercies are new not only everyday, but every moment.