Thursday, April 24, 2008

Costco and Elvis

Wanna know what $100 at Costco gets you? I'll give you a hint: Not much for me, but a whole lotta insight for my 7 year old.

These 7 items:


Plus this:

Yum Yum (lunch for two days)

And this:
One of my all time favorite movies so it's considered a necessity, right?

Equalled $100 and a funny discussion with my daughter that placed me on her historical timeline of the "old days."

She looked at the "Steel Magnolias" movie and asked the usual questions like what it was about, when was it made, and then excitedly exclaimed "Oh that's Dolly "Partner." She was on Hannah Montana!!" She continued with " Mom do you think they have games on this DVD like they do on my DVD's?" I told her, "I don't think so." She then said, "Mom, did you play the games on your DVD's when you were little." To which I replied, while trying not to bust out laughing amidst chewing my Kashi and strawberries, "Uh sweetie, we didn't have DVD's or tapes when I was little." (and we only had three channnels on the TV that we had to get up off the couch to change, and we used a phone that had a rotary dial with a curly cord attached to the receiver so it couldn't fall between the couch cushions otherwise known as the phone abyss, and I used a typewriter and carbon paper because PC's weren't invented, and I drank Tab instead of Diet Coke. Hard times, I know.)

Then she said, with a straight face :

"Oh yeah, that's right, you were around when Elvis was alive."

So there you have it folks. That is how a trip to Costco resulted in placing me in the timeline of history through the eyes of my 7 year old. And just so you know, I was 13 when Elvis died.

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Evi said...

I remember having to re-heat food in tinfoil...and wait at least 30 minutes for it. We also had a TV that had the same woodgrain as our station wagon and the bottom half of our walls in our basement. (can't get that anymore, can you now...tsktsk)
And...When we were done with the tinfoil we would attach it to the ears sticking on top of our mini black/white tv and click the channels to see if we could get four today instead of three!

EEEEMommy said...

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we were the ones making these kind of comments to our parents??? LOL

One of my favorite quotes of all times is from Steel Magnolias, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."

Gina said...

I absolutely HATED Steel Magnolias. I am SO young that it was totally lost on me. I even went back as an adult and watched it and it was too eighties for me! But, my kids have never sen a walkman or owned a discman. Currently, one of my offspring owns a non-ipod MP3 player that she ocasionally shares with her siblings (or mom and dad). They are So deprived, I know. Who remembers Beta and laser discs? That was a funny conversation on it's own!
At least you guys had it better than me- we didn't even own a TV when I was little. I would have given my left eye(I'm almost blind in that one anyway) for chanels you had to get up to change!

Courtney said...

that salad looks yummy!

Zach and Julie Anderson said...

that is so funny. I remember when McDonald's sandwhich's came in styrofoam (not sure how to spell it, I am sure you do Debbie) and they would give out floppy records with the McDonalds song on it...and if it finished then you won... it never happend for me.

I have been trying to get Zach to watch Steel Magnolia's with me... he refuses.

Heather said...

How did we function before microwaves? How did we pop our popcorn? I'll tell you...we did it on our avacado green stove in our harvest gold kitchen.

Sniz said...

Hilarious post! You know, when I was growing up, I experienced all the hardships you mentioned, plus no air conditioning and old cars with windows that you had to manually roll down and locks that weren't automatic. In this culture of comfort and ease, how do you teach your kids appreciation? I wonder that a lot...sorry to be maudlin!

TTYS - Sniz

Lula! said...

Great post. But kinda sad that you got so little for so much. Ah, it's this day & age, I reckon.

Steel my top 5 of all-time. To this day when anyone inquires about my favorite color I reply, "Pink is my signature color." Oh yes!

My child loves the Beatles (as do I) and recently asked, "Where they all alive when you were little?" Yes. "When did that one guy get shot?" In 1980, just a couple of days before Mamaw died. "Wow, that was like 60 years ago or something." A child's perception of time is both precious & hilarious.

p.s. Tell Julie (above) the secret to getting the hubby in on a Steel Magnolias viewing is to ask for it as a b-day gift. This is exactly what I did...told my husband all I wanted was a card and a snuggle session in front of the entire movie, with no falling asleep. He acquiesced...and LOVED it, which amazed me. He even cried, unashamedly, and said he wished he'd watched it sooner. Anyway--that's how I succeeded in converting my husband!

Kat said...

I *love* "Steel Magnolias." It came out when I was in college...and they actually had a sneak preview on my college I brought my mom and her best friend up for the event. My favorite line from the movie: "If you don't have something nice to say, come sit by me."

Kid's perceptions on time is so funny. My girls especially like to talk to my mom about the "olden" days...and my mom is just 60. She actually got the girls to watch her favorite show -- "Leave it to Beaver."

Sissy said...

Today I was talking to a student and he was asking me why they had to read books for AR. I was thinking back that we didn't have AR when I was a kid. We also had library cards that were punched out, there was no bar code system, and a card catalog.

We had an Atari game system when I was little. I had 8 tracks, and I do remember the records that McDonald's gave out to win a million dollars. Remember when they had the McDLT, that came with two parts in the styrofoam package to keep the cool parts cool and the hot parts hot? Why I remember that I don't know...but I did warn ya'll about my memory.

Tracey said...

"Drink your juice Shelby"

p.s. We loved the dinner you brought us! I'm glad you included the recipe because the whole family wants it again!

Emily Loria said...

Thanks for your sweet and funny comment Debbie. I had to laugh about your dad, that is just so funny!

I am glad you commented. It made my day! I hope we can be friends!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

omg! you were alive at the same time as elvis???

and tell your dd I saw "dolly partner" on american idol. I hope I age that well.

and you are the second person to recommend that movie this month. i've never seen it.


ps - I was alive when elvis was, too. I even toured his mansion. Did you know he had a twin brother?

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

pps - I was 2 when Elvis died. And my grandparents dragged me through Graceland.

ppss - I plan to drag my kids through Dollywood soon. Everyone needs a story like that.

pppss - My last tank of gas cost $76. POS Minivan, anyway.

pppsss - How many of this post scripts you think I can pull off??