Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

It's Easter, and I just "turned on" the fireplace because it's 40 degrees outside.


It's Easter, and I just "turned on" the fireplace because it's 40 degrees outside.

Note to calendar setter dudes: Easter belongs in April. Period. End of story. When there are flowers and leaves on the trees. And I don't need a parka and heat on in the car. And white shoes and frilly dresses on little girls don't look silly. And didn't we just finish putting away the Christmas decorations? And whoever invented the fireplace that can be "lit" by turning on a light switch is a genius. 'Cause, really, what's Easter without a roaring fire.

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Evi said...

I was bored today so I clicked on similar interests on Blogger...found you because we both like 'Mercy Me'...turns out it looks like we have a few other things in common.
I just thought I'd let you know that my mom e-mailed a bit of trivia to me this morning that you might approve it is...We have not had an Easter so early in the year since 1818 and will not have one again until 2285. (Though I fully plan to be in the Lord's presence before that date comes :) ).
Have a Blessed Easter and hope it warms up soon, if it makes you feel any better we are really cold up here in Canada too!

Kimberley said...

Wow! Look at Evi's information on early Easter and such! And who knew that you could find other bloggers with similar interests??!?!?!? Happy Easter! Sorry it's so cold where you are...where are you, anyway? This is something I should know by now!! Sorry to rub it in but it was sunny and 72 degrees here today. The cherry tree in my yard has some blossoms, the dogwoods are beginning, and the pear trees are that brilliant white with lime green undertones. Maybe you can live vicariously through me today...though I'd love a flick-on fire place!!

Tracey said...

Our bud Jennifer P. posted some facts on Easter and why the heck it is so early this year, go check her out.

Glad you guys made it home safe!


Debbie said...

Kimberley, I live in Virginia in a suburb of Washington D.C.
Tracey, I did see JP's fact AFTER I posted this. Very interesting!

Debbie said...

Oh and Evi....I went over to your blog to say "Hi" and left you a comment. Thanks for coming by and thank you for commenting here!

Sniz said...

Hey, where do you live? Easter morning was cold but sunny but by afternoon it started snowing here in Indiana! I'm pretty disgusted too.