Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like The Partridge Family? You've come to the right place.

I love music. It inspires me. It makes me happy. It makes me cry. It makes me nostalgic, and many times, it makes me think. So when I discovered that you can put a playlist on your blog, I said, "sign me up baby!" Ok, now you're wondering what's up with that music selection?

How exactly did I get from the brilliant Nichole Nordeman to, well, the not so brilliant Partridge Family? Alas, there is a method to my madness...wanna hear? Well, turn up the tunes, and I'll tell ya...they are my faves by decade. Sort of.

I was born in the 1960's...gotta say I'm not a real big fan of music from the
60's...so my excuse for leaving that decade alone is that I was probably listening to lullabies or to my mom sing to me. Who were the Beatles?

The 70's: Well, who doesn't want to hear "Come on Get Happy" by the Partridge Family? Don't laugh. Would you rather hear "The Hustle" or Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive?" Finger.nails.going.down.a.chalk.board. Uh huh, that's what I thought.

The 80's: Now we're talkin'(ha). Still, to this day, I love Michael Jackson's "Rock with You." Reminds me of high school, late 70's early 80's. Then it's onto Penn State for college where I couldn't get enough of "Let's Groove Tonight" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Don't laugh, I know you're chair dancing to that song right now, aren't you?

Ah, then into the 1990's...my career days as a single chick...spent alot of time "hangin" with my friends listening to songs from bands like REM, Dave Matthews, The Sundays ("Here's Where the Story Ends") and Everything But the Girl whose anthem besides "Missing You" is the song "Driving." Driving where you ask? I don't know, I just like the song...takes me back to a fun time in my life...not that I'm not having fun now...I am...it's just different fun.

Now let's travel into the late 90's and the 21st century (sounds so space age, doesn't it), I discovered that Christian music can, in fact, be really good...All you need to do is buy a Nichole Nordeman, Mercy Me or Jeremy Camp CD to know that. Here's my rundown:

*Nichole's song "I Am" is so breathtaking to me...she is so brilliant in her lyrics. My son calls "Brave" the squirrel song...I have no idea why...but Lindsey heard this song one day on the radio and told me that I made her want to be "Brave." Melted my heart.

*Bethany Dillon was 16 when she sang the song, "You're all I need."
Needs no explanation. Amen sista.

*Jeremy Camp is just cool. But his song "This Man" gets me every time....it really really makes me think. "Would you take the place of this man, Would you take the nails from His hands?" My Easter post last year> reflected on that song and that phrase. Think about it, would YOU take the nails from HIS hands?" Humbling thought isn't it?

*Mercy Me's "Homesick" is another song I could listen to over and over and over...our longing shouldn't be for this world and all it's trappings. It should be for our Heavenly Home. We should feel that kind of homesickness for Heaven that we felt the first time we left our parent's care. It is so encouraging to know that the best IS yet to come.

*"Wrestling the Angels" is one of my favorite songs. It is sung by Kelly Minter whose father is the pastor of our church. She, too, is a thoughtful song writer...there isn't any other way to describe her. I really enjoy her music and wish she would put out another CD.

Finally, two of my favorite contemporary pop songs are "Why Georgia?" by John Mayer and "Home" by Chris Daughtry. These songs speak for themselves. Love them. "Valentine" by Martina McBride is very sentimental to Bob and I. Not to get too sappy, but it is "our song." I've included it for him...and well, me too.

I'm not a music critic, nor am I "learned" in music...I just like what moves me either in my brain, my heart, or my chair...when I'm dancin' that is.

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Courtney said...

love, love, love your new blog look! and the music. and your words. just YOU!

Tracey said...

I have to disagree about "The Hustle"...I love that song and it was probably one of the first dance "moves" I ever learned. I still love any excuse to do the hustle! I know, I am a total nerd, but you know you love me and I make you laugh.

And yes, I am chair dancing at 8:45 a.m. to "Let's Groove Tonight."

My eyes are so tired right now and I am having a hard time reading your blog...is the font color too light or is it my tired prego eyes or is it my computer?

Debbie said...

Courtney, you totally made my day. Thank you my friend. Remember, you are the one that started me on this whole thing a year ago.

T...yes I love you and yes, you are wihtout a doubt one of the wittiest people I know...but the HUSTLE...ugh...

I can see the font clearly so it might be your computer or your eyes...but, I need to know if others are having a problem reading it so I can get it adjusted. Anyone else having problems seeing the text? Is it too light??

Courtney said...

fyi - i can read the font fine.

Zach and Julie said...

I can read it fine too! And I love your 90's collection...and listened to those artists in the 80's though too, So I was a bit confused. I am still floored you know the Sundays... I don't know many people who do and especially Christians...no offence. After I heard it on your website, I dusted the cd off the shelf and played it. Wonderful!
I will write you an email tomorrow. I am tired and must go to sleep!

Zach and Julie said...

oh and I agree with tracey...I like the Hustle... it is a fun song.... :)

Debbie said...

Julie, don't be confused. I know those bands were around before I started listening to them. I just wasn't that hip to them...I was listening to gasp, Madonna, and Michael Jackson in the 80's!

Kimberley said...

Like I said yesterday...I don't ever want to leave your blog because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your music. Isn't incredible how it transcends time and takes us back to those big hair, parachute pants, roller rink 80's days? I think you had to be born in the late 60's and graduate from high school in the 80's to appreciate your refined music taste! Any who, I love it, and I love what your music choices say about you! How many times did I say "Love" in this tiny little comment box? A lot, but it looks like everyone else did too!!! SMILES

Jennifer P. said...

I could hardly believe Skillet was a Christian band. Must have listenend to and jumped around to "The Best Kept Secret of my Generation" 100 times. Great song!

By the way I {heart} The Partridge Family too--even though I wasn't born till the 70's.