Thursday, January 31, 2008

this is gonna make my sister mad

Today when I picked up Kyle from school, his teacher said she needed to tell me something. So she came around to my side of the car and told me that during class Kyle stopped what he was doing, cocked his head to the right and said, "Mrs. Carey, I love you." He never says that to anyone other than Bob, Lindsey and it was a shock. She just melted and told him that she loved him too....and she does...she adores Kyle which has been such a blessing for us this year. She is such a big part of why he loves school so much.

And this will make my sister mad because??? Well, Kyle won't tell her that he loves her when she says it to him which is all part of a big game he plays to annoy her endlessly.

FYI...he took this picture of himself...nut...


Zach and Julie said...

That is so cute and what a blessing to have a good teacher for Kyle...I am praying for that for Eli now!
Oh, and you need to try a chick fi la chicken biscuit...they are sooooo good!!! :)