Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who do I call to complain?

Ok, for those of you who have known me for any length of time, know that I LOVE Diet Coke. I remember when I was at Penn State in the early 80's and Diet Coke was first brought to market. I was a TAB (!) drinker at the time and didn't want to switch. But when they put DC in the soda fountain in our dining hall, I had to switch and found I really liked it. When I got to the Mothership (Marriott), my friend Joel introduced me to the concept of putting a lemon in my I do it everyday. My favorite Diet Coke is a Super Big Gulp Diet Coke with lemon from 7-11. It is the biggest treat for me to stop after church every Sunday to get that. Well, yesterday Bob (the bounty squirrel hunter) was releasing another squirrel out in the country and was going to surprise me with a Big Gulp from the local 7-11 on his way back. When he got there he learned that they no longer have it in the heard me correctly...SEVEN ELEVEN doesn't have Diet Coke in the fountain anymore (well they have caffeine free but that isn't the same). They have every other drink on the planet but no diet coke. They have replaced it with a COKE of the month which happens to be COKE ZERO...what the heck is that and who is the brainchild that thought that was a good idea? Coke Zero apparently has Splenda in it but tastes like Coke. IF I WANTED TO DRINK COKE I WOULD DRINK COKE...I LIKE THE TASTE OF DIET COKE! GRRR...Now I need to go in there to complain...AND I need to email Southland Corporation my outrage! Diet Coke drinkers UNITE!


Courtney said...

that's INSANE!!!! WHAT are they thinking???