Wednesday, December 26, 2007


When you were a kid and Christmas was over, didn't you get the blahs the day after? I always did but haven't had that feeling in years...however, this year I do...The last few days have been absolutely magical. Last weekend we went to a restaurant where we could make smores at our table and the kids went ice skating with Bob while I wrapped presents. (Kyle can finally skate on his own..I, on the other hand, still need to slide around with one of those 5 gallon tubs). We had a quiet Christmas Eve Day then went to Christmas Eve candle light services where the kids were so well-behaved, belted out the Christmas carols with such joy, got on stage with other kids to sing "Away in a Manger" and managed to hold on to lit candles without burning themselves or each other. We didn't have one bit of drama. This is also the first year that Kyle really got into the whole present thing, and the first year that Lindsey couldn't get to sleep Christmas Eve which kept Bob and I up past midnight waiting for Santa to arrive. The kids woke up at 6 a.m. Christmas morning (well, I was already awake ;0). Lindsey went in to wake up Kyle who then came stumbling out of his room barely awake yelling "Grandma,Grandma, we have to go open presents." It was so fun to watch them get so excited. It was truly magical, and I tried to savor every moment of yesterday...these are the only two days of the year that I don't make them pick up their toys out of the family room...I like the disaster that ensues after opening everything. They also played with absolutely everything they got...not one toy or item went untouched or unplayed with. We also had a great day with my parents who spent the night and day with us...but now they are gone, it is gray outside, all the magic is over...and I have the blahs...So I decided to download some pics and revisit the magic...

Eating smores Friday night...Kyle liked the idea of roasting the marshamallows but would only eat the marshmallows "raw."

Sitting in front a huge Christmas Tree

Getting ready to go to church Christmas Eve


Zach and Julie said...

Merry Christmas... the pictures are GREAT and it is fun hearing about your Christmas, thanks for posting... and I will pray your spirit is full of joy today as you continue to reflect on the blessed Christmas you had with your family. It sounded wonderful!!!