Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sister Bear spins the bottle!

Checked out a bunch of books at the library with Kyle on Friday...including a bunch of Berenstain Bears books which both kids are really into right we snuggle up Friday night to read "Too Much Birthday"....the story about Sister's sixth birthday party...We get to the section where the bears are playing party games only to find out Sister and her party guests played SPIN THE BOTTLE!! Lindsey asked me what that was...I told her it was not a game you play at any six year old's birthday party!! The book even described it as a "kissing game," and Lindsey said "yuck." That's right, sweetpea....just remember that when you are a teenager....I still love the Berenstain Bears books, but that really took me off guard!


CresceNet said...
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Courtney said...

what in the world is that comment??

Debbie said...

I have no idea because I put privacy restrictions on my blog because of the is not listed anywhere on blogger so the only way it can be accessed is if you have the URL...and in most cases that only comes from me. I need someone to translate. Do you think this is Spanish?