Friday, November 2, 2007

"never say never"

Just when think you know your we went up to school to pick up Lindsey and while we were waiting, Kyle was playing on the playground next to the school...there is a little boy who comes there everyday with his mother who is, shall we say, a bully...he is smaller than Kyle but has a big he was standing on this bridge thingy telling these little girls they were "stinky poo poo heads"...over and over...he does this kind of thing everyday and his mother never says I walk to the school door to get Lindsey, come back to the bench next to the playset to sit down and start looking through her back pack with her...this whole time I think Kyle is right there playing...I look up and he is gone...where you ask?...all the way across the school yard (quite a distance) with this bully boy and some other bigger boys to inspect the port-a-potty that had tipped over...oh yeah...sounds fun right...of course not a girl in sight...can't you just hear the boys, yelling "that's cool"?....I ran over to Kyle who had now disappeared behind the port-a-potty with the bully...he heard me yelling but said he wanted to follow the bully boy..."What, since when?"...he never follows trouble...he is the one that keeps his classmates out of trouble...I was shocked and laughing at the same time because my sister has always said "never say never" when it comes to your kids....Lindsey has heard this so much from my sister that she now repeats it to me...think she might be setting me up for future adolescent angst?