Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a little close to home

Yesterday, the very first thing Lindsey said to me when I picked her up from school was, "Mommy, everyone is talking about Sean Taylor."...Then the questions came... she already knew that one of the Redskins had died yesterday morning because Bob and I talked about it before she left for school, but we didn't say anything about how he died...She found out he had been shot because the kids in her class were talking about I explained to her that someone very bad didn't like him for some reason and used a gun to end his life. Her first question was where did he live? I told him it was in Florida. "Can the bad guy get on a plane and come up here?" I told her that probably wouldn't have happened. Well, guess what? Turns out it could have...I forgot that Sean Taylor lives in our neighborhood during the season about a half mile or so away from our house...Bob has even seen him at the nearby Safeway. I guess that it could have happened here if someone was really intent on getting him. I didn't mention any of that to her, but I assured her she was safe...To this day, I cannot believe that not one child in her first grade class ever brought up the VA Tech shootings when many of the parents attended college there and within 30 seconds of her getting to class yesterday someone brought up the Taylor thing...big difference between first and second grade... it is all very sad and tragic


Anonymous said...

I remember at Lindsey's age feeling the same way over a robbery. It took days of Mom's assurance I'd be safe. Yet our God never sleeps nor slumbers and we can rest with that.

Debbie said...

"Anonymous" above is my friend Jennifer!