Thursday, October 25, 2007


I hadn't paid much attention to the news about the fires in Southern California because they have them all the time...but when I heard they evacuated 1 million people, and Bob's office in La Jolla was closed down for the rest of the week, I decided I better check in on my friend Helen and her family. Bob checked on his brother in Long Beach who is not being directly affected. My friend Helen lives in Mission Viejo, California (between San Diego and LA)and fortunately has not had to be evacuated as a result of the fires, but she said it is the worst she has ever seen...she has lived there for over 22 years, and has grown accustomed to wildfires as part of life along with earthquakes, mudslides and liberal politics ;). However, she said this was different...she described it as unreal and surreal at the same time...her kids called last night to tell me they were having their first "snow" day school..the air is thick with ash and smoke...she said you can taste the ash...her husband got on the phone to tell me you can see blazes from one of their upstairs bedrooms...and while they were out and about yesterday, they could see fast moving fires from a quarter a mile away...all of this at the hand of's really sad to see so many people losing so much at the hands of pranksters...alot of people being evacuated are going to two and three other locations that are having to be evacuated as really is devastating...sadly, this falls into the category of the DC sniper we had to live through five years ago...the arsonists have utterly terrorized half the let's pray they get caught.