Friday, October 26, 2007

the ultimate thank you card

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

I have been searching for several years now for something to display in my home with that verse on it, but I could never quite find anything that I really liked that fit in with my decor...As recently as several weeks ago, I was considering trying my hand at painting it on something. But, I never, ever told anyone (not even Bob) that I was on the hunt for any such thing. Where is all this leading you ask? A week or so ago, I sent my friend Kelly, who lives in Kentucky, a box of assorted ribbon that I found and loved and knew that she could use with her projects....she is a very talented painter and uses ribbon for many of her projects. Yesterday, when the mail arrived, I found a package from her on my stoop. I opened it up to find the most precious thank you card I have ever received. She hand painted a plaque with that very verse in Joshua that I had been searching for. I immediately cried. The Lord knew I desired to have that displayed in my home. But Kelly didn't. It was an unexpected blessing that far surpassed my expectations and is truly a "God thing." Wow. It means more to me to have that verse handpainted by a friend than to have purchased something random. On the flip side of the plaque, she painted the words LAUGH amidst all the colors that are incorporated in my house. I can tell you, these pictures don't do it justice...It is beautiful and worth more than the ribbon I sent her. So Thank YOU my friend...I will treasure it forever and display it with honor and gratitude in my home.


Courtney said...

as always, it's AMAZING! how cool that you were looking for that verse for your house!