Sunday, October 21, 2007

JoePa not Joe PAW

My PSU pals will appreciate this...Don't you hate when sports announcers call Joe Paterno, JOE PAW? I just want to scream at the TV, and admittedly, I do...It is JoePa...Not JOE PAW...The only one who should be permitted to call him JoePa on TV is Todd Blackledge who announces for ESPN and was a terrific QB when I was there back in the day. All others should call him Coach Paterno. Oh and another thing...he may be 80 years old but his name has been JoePa decades before it was trendy to morph first and last names together vis a vis J LO and K Fed (I am embarassed to say I know who that is because, really, unless you live under a rock it is hard not to know who that guy is...) etc...not much else interesting to say today other than this has been the most exciting college football season in a long time...the National Championship is totally up for grabs, all kinds of ranked teams are getting beaten...and Penn State can play spoiler to Ohio State this weekend in State College....FIGHT ON STATE!


mom said...

Sorry! I live under a rock. Who is Kfed?

Guess who?