Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the circle of fashion

I had a great chuckle this morning. When I dropped Kyle off at school, his teacher stopped me and said, "You know that khaki jacket that you have, I really like the style and the length and have been looking for something just like it. Where did you get it?" I was flabbergasted because she was the second person to ask me about it recently, and it holds a secret. I had to admit to both ladies who have asked me about it, that I bought "that" khaki Izod jacket in 1981 (at the height of "preppy") just before I left for Penn State. The look of shock on their faces was priceless. I am a tad embarassed to admit that I still have it, but it is a very classic jacket and has withstood all fashion trends. That is why I have never gotten rid of it. It is, and I emphasize this, the only item I have from the 1980's...everything else, especially my LEVI cords that were so popular back in the day, are G-O-N-E...well, unless you count my huge stack of vinyl record albums in the basement including artists ranging from the Partridge family to Donny Osmond to Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson (with the face he was actually born with instead of his current manufactured one)....gosh, I'm old.


Courtney said...

you obviously have a good eye to have held onto it! :-)