Monday, September 10, 2007

man vs. beast

Beast = Squirrels that live in our attic! Since we moved into this house almost nine years ago, we have had an ongoing battle with squirrels in our backyard. We have named them collectively "Fat Hank." Why you ask? Because we have had every type of quote unquote squirrel proof bird feeder and NONE of them the squirrels have gotten all the food before the birds...consequently, we like to call them "fat." Ok, the bird feeder ordeal was bad enough, but then they found a teeny weeny hole where the roof line meets the top of house, sqeezed their way in and have been having party in there for over a year...they come and go at will, they scurry about, jump, and sometimes make loud noises if they fall from a beam or something...we actually watched them climb up the brick of the house into the hole..what a we called Critter Control last December, they came out and found the me, that hole is tiny and those squirrels can get through it. They set some traps, caught some squirrels, then came out to seal it up in the spring...well, guess what, Fat Hank was trapped in the attic trying to scratch his way out....Critter Control came back and opened up the hole again.... Since then, the hole has been open, but we haven't heard anything up there for months, I mean months so I never got around to calling them to come back to seal the hole again...Now that we are approaching cooler weather, I decided to call the critter guys last week to have them come seal the hole before the squirrels find their way back "home." They came out last Friday, got the job we are set for the winter, no more squirrels. Ha! Gotcha now critters! Well guess what, and I am dead serious, Saturday morning while Bob and I lay in bed, we heard them starting their party. I mean scampering, jumping, whatever squirrels do when they are laughing their heads off at outsmarting "MAN"...I cannot tell you how maddening that is. I swear it is a conspiracy to make me crazy....We haven't heard anything up there since May...And all of the sudden we hear them THE day after the critter guys were here! I keep imagining them at their squirrel lodge meetings talking about infiltrating the Norberg house...obviously we have another hole...and now I have to call the critter guys again....ARGHHHH!