Saturday, August 11, 2007

this is no joke

Ok. So yesterday afternoon, we went up to Baltimore for Lindsey's friend's birthday party. Many traffic woes getting there, but that isn't important. When we left the party about 4:40 pm, we ran into some nasty traffic on the way home that was literally bumper to bumper...we were all tired and sick of being in traffic until we saw something that I wish I had been able to photograph. We come to a complete stop, and I happen to look in my rear view mirror only to do a double take because apparently Tammy Faye Bakker is alive and well and drives a jeep cherokee. Besides all the caked on makeup, this woman had a white sweat headband around her forehead...kinda quirky but that was nothing...I also notice something white on her shoulder that was moving around...I tried to get a better look by taking off my sunglasses and saw that it was a BIRD!! The woman had a small cracker in her hand, and she was feeding it. Yes, a bird in the car. Thank goodness we were stalled in traffic because I was concentrating more on her than the car in front of me...Ok, so I look in the mirror again and the bird starts flying around the front seat! I am not making this up...then she gets on the cell phone with the bird on her arm...and then I see something else moving in the front seat... a big black DOG!!! yes, he was walking back and forth on her lap to the passenger seat...all this with the bird on her arm. Then, she takes out a map and starts reading it! So now, she has the bird on her arm, the dog is walking around, she is on the cell phone while looking at a map, and we are driving in traffic! I was cracking up the whole time, Lindsey was trying to get a good look from her car seat...(Kyle was snoozing) and I am trying to figure out how I can take a picture of this whole scene because no one would believe it. It made the 10 mile back-up go so much quicker because it just kept getting they say, truth is weirder than fiction....