Monday, August 27, 2007

more fun with cousins

This past weekend was the last hurrah before going back to school. Bob's sister and her family came to visit from New Jersey. We had a great time visiting, going to the pool, playing on the water slide, cooking, eating, and hanging out. Lindsey and Kyle had a blast with their cousins and were sad to see them leave. Hotel du Norberg has had lots of business this summer....willingly and happily, of course. No reservations have been taken for the fall ;). Back to school, soccer, homework, cold, snow, cold, cold, snow, ugh....

Check out this picture of Kyle being thrown in the air by Bob at the pool...

This is our almost five-year old nephew Brandon going down the water slide. This picture is important because he wouldn't go near it last year, was very reluctant to go on it this year, and once his mom got him up there, he was the last man standing, sliding down it repeatedly. Yah Brandon!

This is Jarod, Kyle and Lindsey at the pool. Kyle has informed us that this was the last day he is going to wear his floaties....uh, we'll see daredevil man.