Sunday, August 19, 2007

back home, boo hoo

Well, all good things do come to an end...had a fabulous week at Whalehead Beach in Corolla, NC (pronounced Kuh-rah-luh) of the Northern beaches on the Outer Banks. We have been vacationing there for nine years and it really is just a little slice of heaven...we have been staying in the same house for the last four years, because it is clean, has a hot tub, pool and is extremely is our home away from home...(when Bob and I first started vacationing there we looked at beach homes that were selling for $300K...didn't act on it..those homes are worth over a million now...argh...oh well...) The weather was great...only a couple of really hot days, only one t-storm at night...the rest was comfy and breezy...we got one of those gazebo's-in-a-bag from Dick's sporting goods that absolutely revolutionized our stay on the beach...we could stay down there so much longer than normal because we had shade for all of us that didn't include tiny umbrellas flying all over the place...ate at some great restaurants, grilled lots of fish at home, shopped at my favorite shops in historic Corolla village, went to the beach, pool and hot tub in that order every day, and showered in the outdoor shower which the kids thought was cool..lest we not forget that we were front and center on Friday night for the premiere of "High School Musical 2" on the Disney Channel.. uh read now we are home unpacked, laundry underway, grass cut, car washed, and grocery shopping done...I am so not ready to face the next two weeks before school starts...oh well, life goes is a just a snippet of a day at the beach....


Courtney said...

so glad you're home! fun to see you as you were arriving this guys must have left early! and you got SO much done today! yea!

rebekah also watched SOME of high school musical 2 with the McClelland girls - she thought she was BIG STUFF!

see you soon!

Debbie said...

thanks Courtney! yes, we left obx at 6:00 am to avoid the traffic and made great time. thankfully we got alot done yesterday because bob cut the grass and did the grocery shopping (his chores, I hate grocery shopping).I unpacked and did laundry...HSM 2 was pretty cute...we have already watched it twice...;) Glad you had a great trip!