Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what do you do with all those school papers?

All year long I have collected just about all the kids school work and projects and put them in an large art folder; BUT I need to be better about purging on a regular basis because now I am looking at a huge file of stuff that I need to go through, on top of all the other stuff in the house that I need to go through (sigh). My Mom kept a binder of things that I made when I was in elementary school (in the early 1970's!) and gave it to me a couple of years ago. Recently, Lindsey and I went through it, and she got a kick out of seeing mommy's writing/drawings/stories from first she wants to keep ALL of her stuff for the same purpose and laid the guilts on me one day when I tried to throw something away! I plan on creating a binder...but...if anyone is reading this, how do you manage your kids school work throughout the year and for posterity?


veronica said...

Okay so I am not really one of those moms that saves every little thing the kids bring home but I decided to try and keep a few things each year. Clutter and mess drive me crazy! I decided that if it was a big project or paper I would keep it. If it is just an everyday assignment then it would go. I do however keep their journals from year to year. With some of the bigger things such as poster board projects I take a picture and write a little note to go along with it. Otherwise after 13 years in school I would have way to many things to store. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Debbie said...

Thanks Veronica...I love the idea of taking a picture of the larger things! I am going to throw the everyday work out...and keep some of the pictures/stories they drew to put in the binder...I will most definitely keep the journals...I love seeing the progress over the year. All the paper makes me crazy, too.

Anonymous said...

what I have done since preschool is keep everything that Kristen brings home thru the school year, even from Sunday school. I keep it in a box. At the end of school we move the tables out of the family room, spread it all out and I video tape it and Kristen walks around telling stories about the items. Then we sort together keeping the "good" stuff and tossign the rest. This way I "keep" it all without the storage problem.