Thursday, June 21, 2007

sad sayonara to the cousins

the kids spent another day with their cousins...they are leaving to go back to Naples, Florida, where they live, at o'dark hundred tomorrow...we are very sad to see them leave...especially Lindsey...Meagan is her best buddy as they are like twins and have been attached at the hip for two straight is a sweet picture of the three girls, Kelsey (11), Megan (7), and Lindsey....they were eating ice cream of course...


heidi said...

Love the photo. We miss you guys. Christopher and Nicholas may still get to enjoy your company. We made it back to Naples in 15 hours. (A record for us!) The weather is beautiful here, as usual....the breeze is great. Megan is missing Lindsey and is wanting to call. Hopefully we will call tomorrow.


Love to all.