Monday, June 18, 2007


We rarely go to the movies anymore...except for the likes of "Cars," "Charlotte's Web" and "Meet the get the idea..But we both enjoy watching movies so we decided to join Netflix...what a great concept it is...put all those movies you've been wanting to watch into a queue, receive three in the mail, watch them at your leisure, send them back as you finish them, receive a new one from your queue, all without ever having to leave the house or worrying about their far it has been money well spent (and saved!)(15 bucks a month)... so here is a run down of the last few movies we have watched from recent to oldest...and if you don't care...oh well, it's my blog...

Capote --- very interesting, the writing and the acting are terrific
The Constant Gardener -- kind of interesting, kind of slow, had a hard time staying awake...I was tired.
The Mighty Ducks, D2, D3 -- we got these for Lindsey since she is turning into such a hockey fan. We loved all three of them....Thank God we don't own them or I am sure we would have to watch them a thousand more times.
Ray --- very good and very well done, learned alot about Ray Charles that I didn't know...such as how heavily he was into heroin and how much womanizing he did!
Flags of Our Fathers - war pic that i watched through my eyelids...could not stay awake
Babel- excellent..I love parallel story lines vis a vis Crash and Traffic
Devil Wears Prada - entertaining but predictable...

In the queue...Facing the Giants, Million Dollar Baby (yes, we are that far behind), The Holiday (my pick), Inside Man, Breach (Hanssen spy story that I followed like a detective) and Amazing Grace.


RJN said...

I (Bob) also rented the "Band of Brothers" series. Very well done! I also read the book by Stephen Ambrose right before it. I highly recommmend both.

Of course this just another reason for Debbie to chuckle at my book selection :-) I have a tendency to read more "serious" books. I'm not sure why I am more interested in serious books these days. It would have been more helpful to have this interest when I was taking US history or literature in high school.

Maybe I'll do a post on Bob's book selections