Monday, June 25, 2007

a million pieces

two weeks ago, i ordered this really cool "wallchiere" which is a wrought iron light sconce that climbs the was on back order until Sept; however, it did arrive within a couple days of me placing the order...yippee...was very last night, i had the drill out getting ready to put it together and put it on the wall...I was careful to put the glass shade on the area rug in the family room thinking it would be see where I am going with this...Kyle came downstairs to get something, and when he turned around, I think he got his foot caught under the shade, thereby lifting up the shade and sending it crashing onto the hardwood floors smashing into a million pieces...he started screaming. I screamed and scooped him up because he was bleeding...Lindsey started crying because we were crying...and Bob was trying to calm everyone down...Kyle had small cuts in four places! The poor thing was so upset that he broke my shade...I told him I could replace that, but I couldn't replace "my Kyle"...He finally settled down, and once we cleaned him up, he was happy to be wearing four "bandies. This time, he really needed them...He usually wears them like tatoos all over his now I need to call the company and hopefully get a new shade....