Thursday, June 7, 2007

"honey, there's a bird in the house"

I'm not kidding! Today we had hard wood floors installed in our family room. The front door was open for four straight hours to accommodate the cords for the compressor, nail gun, and trips back and forth to use the circular saw...I thought the worst that could happen is a couple of flies might make their way, after the workers left, Kyle and I were getting ready to leave the house, and I heard a rustling noise. It stopped, then seconds later it started again...I thought at that point someone was in the house...I walked towards the front door, looked up in the large window of the foyer and saw a BIRD!!! Not a sparrow...something the size of a robin. Kyle flipped out...I called Bob, ok, so he really wasn't going to be able to do anything from his office, but I needed to call SOMEONE. I opened the door hoping the bird would leave...I was really worried he was going to start flying throughout the house...that would have left me shrieking in that time, I saw my neighbor Curt crossing the street...yelled out to him for help...he called over our other neighbor Bruce who brought a butterfly net thingy...Curt climbed a ladder that I happened to have out for painting...the bird started to try and fly away thereby triggering shrieks of terror in Kyle...I sent him upstairs...Curt scooped the bird into the net but not before it pooped on my floor and loads of feathers went flying (yuck) ...Curt then let it free and peace was restored. Kyle finally recovered after about 10 minutes...Who knew those feathers came off so easily..they went flying everywhere. Here are some of the feathers that I found in the living room later on. I wish I had had the presence of mind to grab my camera when I saw that thing up there...