Sunday, June 3, 2007

a 4 year old's strategy to winning Candyland everytime

Doesn't it sound like the intro to a cheesy infomercial? But honestly, Kyle has perfected the way to win at Candyland EVERY single time. Here are his tricks and tips...mostly tricks....

(1) He is always first
(2) You can never ever move ahead of him on the game board. He will always move you right behind him if you do.
(3) When he gets a double color, he moves to the first of the corresponding color nearby then might leapfrog to the second corresponding color wherever he feels like landing.
(4) On the slim chance you do get near the finish line, he will happily put you back down on the start line until he wins.
(5) When he gets a card that sends him back towards the beginning, he gives it to you and draws a new one.
And my all time favorite strategy happened the other day when I asked him to set up the game while I was doing something. He did as asked, we sat down to play, he went first (of course) and the first card he drew just "happened" to be "Queen Frostine" (if you remember, she is all the way at the top of the game board). Suspecting he was up to something, I said, "Kyle did you put that card on top?" He replied "yup" and proceeded to move up the game board...towards victory yet again. At least he was honest.


RJN said...

What is more humorous is Lindsey's indignation that Kyle isn't playing by the rules. She STILL likes to bend the rules. But of course that is different :-)