Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Break Day 2: Trains and Dinosaurs

What more could a kid love, trains and dinosaurs. Overall, we had a great day taking the metro down to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History; however, here are some things I learned today:

(1) Never go downtown during the week of the Cherry Blossom Festival.
(2) Never go downtown during Spring Break...although we did it last year and it was fine.
(3) Never take metro during spring break. We left our house at 9:30 a.m. and arrived downtown at 11:45 a.m. You read correctly. It takes 45 minutes by car from our house...I thought Metro was supposed to shorten the trip...well not when you go to one Metro station and the parking lots are full so you have to get back on the highway and go to another one.
(4) Never go downtown amidst jillions of tourists when you are PMSing....not such a good idea when lots of people invade your space.
(5) Why aren't other people's kids well-behaved? Because neither are the parents. Let's just say, people are rude even to a mother with small kids.
(6) The exhibits were great although we did see two of the animals in the mammal exhibit that displayed replicas of their "dung." Not sure why, but Lindsey thought that was hysterical.
(7)Bringing lunch contraband (PBJ and apples) into the cafe at the museum worked out ok until I had to buy drinks and chips that totalled 12 bucks...Chips were $2 a bag for the snack size! The museum is free so I guess I cannot complain too much.
(8) And finally, public transportation is not for me..too many people and too much public dirt.

It was still a great day..Glad to live so close to take advantage of this stuff every decade or so.

My "cool cats" just before we left:

The kids on the mall in front of the Washington Monument or as Kyle calls it the "pencil tower:"


Courtney said...

i seriously considered taking my kids down there yesterday to see the cherry blossoms. i'm glad i didn't...maybe when they are a bit older..or i have a few extra hands!