Wednesday, March 14, 2007

who's gonna buy the prize?

This is a picture of Kyle hiding from Daddy just before bath time. "Oh, yes, bath time" you sigh. The single most stressful event of the night other than getting everyone at the dinner table, with hands washed, and goofiness checked at the front door. Everynight, Bob gets the kids a bath while I clean the kitchen after dinner. The antics are the same: run away from Daddy, fight over who is getting in the tub first, screams of "Daddy, Kyle is too close to me" or "Daddy, Lindsey poured water on my head." or my favorite..."Daddy, Lindsey's bugging me." Or "Look out, Kyle's gonna pee in the tub." (oh those little boys!) I can write the script on bath time. Last week, Lindsey took it upon herself to make a behavior chart for her and Kyle. I took a picture of it because it took me by surprise when I walked into the bathroom and saw she had taped it up behind the door. She has self-assessed her own behavior pretty accurately, but I don't know why Sat and Sun aren't on there..hmm. I was also wondering who was going to buy the prize...


Courtney said...

that is HILARIOUS!!

Bob said...

To get the full effect you have to picture me (Bob) working on my Suduko puzzle during the dialog:

Dad . . .what . . . Lindsey is bugging me . . . Lindsey stop . . . OK

Dad . . .what . . . Kyle is taking up the whole tub . . . Kyke stop . . . OK

All while never taking my eyes off my puzzle.